Assistant Principal, Instruction and Special Education
Assistant Principal, Head of Youth Development
Science Teacher
Custodial Director
English Teacher, Literacy Specialist
LOTE Teacher
CTE Teacher
School Aide
English Teacher, Yearbook Advisor
Youth Development Secretary
Speech Therapist
ESL Coordinator and Teacher
Guidance Counselor
School Psychologist
Engineering, Math, and Special Education Teacher 
Youth Development Specialist
Art Teacher
Law Academy , Special Education Teacher
AP Psychology, Special Education Teacher
Engineering, Math Coordinator, Math Teacher 
Pupil Personnel and Special Education Secretary 
Youth Development Specialist, History Teacher
AP World History, COSA, Special Education Teacher 
Counselor and Social Worker 
School Aide
Principal's Secretary
Special Education Teacher
Math Teacher 
CTE Teacher
Parent Coordinator 
Science Teacher, Teacher Center 
School Aide
CTE Coordinator, CTE Teacher, Senior Shop
AP Science, Data Specialist, Programmer, Science Teacher
Math Teacher 
CTE Teacher
History Coordinator, History Teacher 
Attendance Specialist 
Special Education Teacher 
CTE Teacher, Work Base Learning Coordinator
Youth Development Coordinator and Specialist
School Psycholgist
Special Education Teacher
History Teacher, UFT Chapter Leader
English Teacher, Senior Activities Advisor 
History Teacher, PSAL Coordinator 
History Teacher, Technology Coordinator
CTE Teacher, Youth Development Specialist 
School Aide
Business Manager
Social Worker
Special Education Teacher